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My aim with this newsletter is:

To curate and create resources for practitioners to design, develop, deploy, and maintain ML applications at scale to drive measurable positive business impact.

In each issue, I explore a topic from the developer’s point of view, with few links to relevant resources for you to dig deeper.

ML in production is a high-octane union of:

  • Software Engineering: continuously design-develop-test-deploy-monitor software systems to achieve business goals,

  • Machine Learning: implement some product features using statistical models, and evaluate whether models are effective in light of new data,

  • Data Engineering: collect, curate, and manage quality, privacy, and security of the data needed for training ML models.

The better we learn this union, the more likely we will succeed in making ML work in the real world.

About Me

My name is Satish Chandra Gupta. I am a cofounder at Slang Labs. Previously, I have worked in Amazon and Microsoft Research. I built compilers for a decade. Now I make ML services handling billion events/day in real-time.

Twitter: @scgupta
Linkedin: scgupta
Medium: @scgupta

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